New Collection — Holiday Fun

We had some requests for gothic clothing for Halloween.   We already carry some good quality coats, blouses, and jewelry, but decided to go all out.  Our new collection focuses on holidays.  As the year progresses we’ll re-inventory for the next upcoming holiday.  Halloween is our first, which is cool since it’s such a fun holiday for people of all ages.

Our new collection includes a modest initial selection with costumes, masks, decorations,  props, and even some RC toys (the RC spiders and cockroaches were creepy!).  We’ve also cross-referenced our finer gothic clothes into the selection so they’re not missed.

Even though we’ve still got a more than 2 months to go until our holiday, it’s best to make sure there is time for people to see the new selection and to make sure there is no delays in shipping.  Our holidays are so much a part of our cultural lives we should treat them right — whether that’s with fun and costumes or with respect and reverence.

Diversity and Selection is NOT a Mistake

One piece of advice has been heard over and over for all new online shops — stay simple and don’t give shoppers too many choices.  Too many choices equals confusion in the minds of those who would otherwise just buy the sunglasses or the smartphone case.  

One of the premises behind WOWZA Market was to give online shoppers a place that they could browse, not just different color smartphone cases, but browse different types of merchandise.  A young woman may be drawn to the site by fitness wear and end up looking through the pet accessories where she might see a new bedding or leash that would be perfect for her pet; something she would have never looked for as she considered a pair of leggings.

By maintaining diverse collections of merchandise, we not only give online shoppers the advantage of satisfying different interests and needs but also give them a place that they can spend some time looking through and finding things they hadn’t thought of before — whether they buy or not.  You see, we kind of like to window shop also and by providing a site where window shopping is possible online seemed kind of cool, and with over 1,000 items it can be an interesting look about.

As items become available and others sell out, inventories are changed weekly to remove “out-of-stock” items until they become available again and new items are included.  So, almost each week, new items show up bringing customers back time and time again to see what’s new.

All merchandise is carefully selected for price, quality, availability, and style from several suppliers in an effort to insure the best selections for shoppers.  Prices and quality for like items are competitive with even the big online retailers.  

So, after over a year of sales and satisfied customers, we don’t really feel that giving online shoppers choices and diverse collections is a mistake in marketing or in business.  In fact, that’s one of the founding features we wanted in an online shop.